Online vs Offline Property Searches

I am going to make a bold statement: I think I can help you find properties better, faster and cheaper.

I think it is a waste of time buying newspapers, going through the classifieds, calling a few estate agents and then driving to all the properties that you want to go see. I think it is a better use of your time to do your property search online.

Specifically, with the use of video the way properties are found could change for the better. All the adverts about properties are so boring.

They give a brief description about the house and the price. That’s it! For example:

“Khomasdal: 3 bedroom house, 2 bathroom, double garage, lounge, TV room, kitchen and lapa. N$ 2.2 million. Please call Josephat 0812090755.

I mean, how boring and inefficient is that?! Surely we can do better. A more compelling conversation would be like in the video below where I explain why the classifieds sections are not as usual as videos.

It’s okay. Go ahead and watch the video. I will still be here when you’re done….

…hmmm. Are you back? GREAT. Let’s continue.

I think that is how property sales were meant to be. Instead of going from house to house, wasting time and money, all you have to do is sit at home or in your office, look at the property on you computer or smartphone and then call the estate agent that’s selling the house that you’re most interested in.

You should only go view a property physically after you have singled out the one or two properties that you want to potentially buy.

Every property that we are going to feature on our website will be done this way. There won’t be any time wasters. You know what? I will do you one better. I will email you a list of all the properties that are available on a weekly basis. Just submit your email address here and you will receive all the my listings for free every Tuesday.

Download an updated list of properties for sale here.